Friday, June 8, 2012

A Graduate!

On Wednesday June 6th, I accomplished something that has been a monkey on my back for the last 22 years. I graduated from university. I started uni in 1990 in a communications program. A lot of shit happened between first & second year that threw me completely off track. Maybe one day I will be able to speak openly about it, but I still haven't forgiven myself for the decisions I made during that time. I am still ashamed. I think getting my degree is one step towards allowing myself to move forward, move on and begin to forgive.

So, I am a proud university graduate! The weight has been lifted from my shoulders; it is amazing how much lighter I feel. I was so happy to have my parents, my husband and my daughter in the audience to see me graduate. G won't remember it, but maybe it will be there deep down in her sub-conscious. We are going to have a bbq next weekend to celebrate.

In other news, Little G is growing up and is in full toddler mode now. She is now feeding herself with a fork and a spoon (still quite messy thought and that free hand usually dips in to help), she is just about running and is trying to jump up and down, she has discovered dancing and spinning which she loves. And, she is starting to talk, she has a few words, yes, no, shoes, socks, mommy, daddy, what's that, mine (this one is very new and sound like mah, mah, mah). I am still in awe that this little being is mine.

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