Saturday, February 28, 2015

One week down

Well, I am one week out from transfer, so I guess that makes me 7DP6DT.

My boobs are really sore in the afternoon, but by bedtime they get a little better.  Today my sense of smell was in overdrive and I had a bout of nausea. I don't think I have had any cramping type sensations, but there has been a feeling of fullness- that was earlier in the week.

I am really irritable which I think is due mainly to the meds that I am on.

I go back and forth all day from being sure I am pregnant to being sure that I am not.  The 2WW is still no fun.

I have a conundrum, I have meds to last me to beta, but not beyond.  My dr won't help me here so I have to order meds from the CR.  They will take 10 days or so to get here.  And, I don't want to order them if I don't need to.  So what do i do?

Saturday, February 21, 2015


All three embryos survived thaw although one was not good enough to transfer. I asked to have only one transferred. The other two were discarded. Not sure how I feel about that now.

The transfer was smooth and I was in and out of the clinic in an hour. I also got crinone while I was there. I would prefer that once a day rather than 4 little pellets twice a day.

I can test after 14 days on a POAS or beta in 12.

Now for the infernal two week wait!

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Here

It feels completely surreal to be here by myself!

The bus from Vienna to here was long and crowded.It was also almost half an hour late arriving in Brno. Argh!

I am just settling in for tonight and in less than 24 hours I will be PUPO!!!

By the way my room is pretty swanky. Going to try to post some picture.

In the UK

Here I am sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Vienna. I am exhausted. I didn't sleep much on the overnight flight and as a result I am falling asleep sitting upright in one of the seating areas in Terminal 3.

I flew premium economy whihc gave me more leg room and a wider seat. It was definitely woth the extra money.

I am having a hard time even keeping my eyes open as I type this.  In approx 8 hours I will be in Brno.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Leaving Tonight

I can't believe the day is here for me to leave for Brno. Travel time is 16 hours all told, but with time change it will be closer to 22. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

It is such a whirlwind of a trip that I'm intimidated by it. I am second guessing myself and think I should have added in an extra day just to relax. Oh well. We're here now!

Transfer is 9:30am Czech time on Saturday.

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Three more sleeps

Three more sleeps and I will be jetting off to Brno to attempt to get pregnant again. Everything has been moving along so smoothly it make me question if it's going to work. My contact at the clinic even used the word "perfect" to describe my lining.

It just feels weird. I have heard so many women talk about having "perfect cycles" or "perfect BDing" etc only to end up disappointed.

Anyway, I started the progesterone today. The kind they gave me are the little pellet-sized ones... I have to do 4 up the wazoo 2 times per day. Yuck! The things we do...

Friday, February 13, 2015

One Week Today

Time is surely flying! One week today I leave for Brno. It still doesn't feel real.

I have an appointment for an ultrasound this afternoon to check my lining. Hopefully it is thick enough to merit going next week. Transfer is scheduled for Saturday the 21st, so if my lining is good, I start adding progesterone to the mix on Feb 16th.

My mind has been bouncing all over the place. I am really stressed right now and it is making me doubt my ability to parent another child. I know this is a temporary thing, but I am at my wit's end.

Our basement has been under renovation since last October. My father in law lives in our basement. So, right now he is in my daughter's room and Little G is in our bedroom on the floor (we live in a 2 bedroom 1.5 storey home). My father in law acts like a guest and expects to be waited on hand and foot. DH had oral surgery this week and now is an invalid. Then I have a 4 year old. I am the only one responsible for everything and I can't take much more of it.

The basement is > < this close to being done.

We are now on the hunt for a different contractor to work on our home - we want to add a dormer to the house and add a bathroom and bedroom upstairs. This is yet another project that I am leading.

So. I am done. Tired. Spent.

It can only get better from here!

ETA. I had my u/s and my lining is 9 mm. Yay! It needs to be over 7mm by transfer day.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Meme from the Stirrup Queen

1. When was the last time you cut your hair? Did you like the haircut?
Approx. 2 months ago... yes, I liked it.
2. Grapes with seeds or seedless?
3. When was the last time you went to a fancy party? What did you wear?
I went to a wedding last May and wore a black cocktail dress.
4. What colour is your bedroom wall?
5. The worst smell in the world is…
Dollarama sells these little balls for kids that are supposed to look like pieces of fruit. They are scented. I find the smell of these balls completely disgusting.
6. Last thing you spat out.
Phlegm - just getting over a cold.
7. Do you sing when no one is around? What do you usually sing?
Yes. Whatever is playing on the radio.
8. Your least favourite name (and it’s okay if it’s Melissa; I can take it).
9. Did you like the food served at the last dinner party you went to?
10. What is your most prized possession? Would you kill a unicorn in order to save your most prized possession?
I can't think of a most prized possession. We have lots of nice things. I have old photos that I would hate to lose, but nothing that would change my life not to have.
The most important person to me in the world is my daughter and I would gladly kill a million unicorns if it meant I would keep her safe.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving Forward

Today has been a busy day; I have taken care of the following things:

Ø  Made appointment with my dr. to get referral for ultrasound
Ø  Booked flights to/from Vienna
Ø  Booked bus transfers to/from Brno
Ø  Booked hotel in Brno
I vacillate between being extremely excited to go and being sure it’s not going to work. Either way, I am glad that we are doing this. No regrets!

Recently Little G has been really interested in babies. She is watching birthing videos on youtube (not the really graphic stuff – they are basically shot at the head of the woman), watching videos about babies, playing with babies and acting as a big cousin to my brother’s little girl. She loves helping her cousin (who is 6 months old) be bathed or just rubbing her head. I think she’s the perfect age to have a sibling.  I wonder if we’re successful how jealous she will be.

I am 9 years older than my brother and once he came along I stopped playing with dolls and wanted nothing to do with babies. I hope Little G doesn’t go through something like that (if we’re lucky enough to be successful).

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Eagle Has Landed!

Right on schedule, AF arrived today! Things are going exactly as planned which makes me feel slightly superstitious. With a date to work towards I can now book my flights. This is really happening!

Next steps:
1. Get the signed forms to the clinic
2. Book flights
3. Meet my GP to get a requisition for an ultrasound on CD13/14