Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moving Forward

Today has been a busy day; I have taken care of the following things:

Ø  Made appointment with my dr. to get referral for ultrasound
Ø  Booked flights to/from Vienna
Ø  Booked bus transfers to/from Brno
Ø  Booked hotel in Brno
I vacillate between being extremely excited to go and being sure it’s not going to work. Either way, I am glad that we are doing this. No regrets!

Recently Little G has been really interested in babies. She is watching birthing videos on youtube (not the really graphic stuff – they are basically shot at the head of the woman), watching videos about babies, playing with babies and acting as a big cousin to my brother’s little girl. She loves helping her cousin (who is 6 months old) be bathed or just rubbing her head. I think she’s the perfect age to have a sibling.  I wonder if we’re successful how jealous she will be.

I am 9 years older than my brother and once he came along I stopped playing with dolls and wanted nothing to do with babies. I hope Little G doesn’t go through something like that (if we’re lucky enough to be successful).

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