Saturday, February 28, 2015

One week down

Well, I am one week out from transfer, so I guess that makes me 7DP6DT.

My boobs are really sore in the afternoon, but by bedtime they get a little better.  Today my sense of smell was in overdrive and I had a bout of nausea. I don't think I have had any cramping type sensations, but there has been a feeling of fullness- that was earlier in the week.

I am really irritable which I think is due mainly to the meds that I am on.

I go back and forth all day from being sure I am pregnant to being sure that I am not.  The 2WW is still no fun.

I have a conundrum, I have meds to last me to beta, but not beyond.  My dr won't help me here so I have to order meds from the CR.  They will take 10 days or so to get here.  And, I don't want to order them if I don't need to.  So what do i do?

1 comment:

  1. I know what I would do: POAS. Read up on which test is sensitive enough, 8DP6DT is late enough for a faint line.
    Sorry to hear your local dr is not helpful.
    (and surely it must be possible to get meds to you faster than 10 days?)