Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still Searching

H. has been out of work since February. He's applied at hundreds of jobs and come close a couple of times, but to no avail. Things are getting very tight financially and I am getting really worried. He is still in good spirits, but it is hard for him to just sit and wait every day to hear if someone wants to hire him.

I have been looking for something new to do full time as well. I have a couple of option in the early stages and should know soon if anything will pan out. I really hope that one of them find out.

Tomorrow is Halloween and there is a party at Little G's daycare. I am getting off work early to go and see their parade of costumes and enjoy the party. G is going as a  cupcake - her costume is super cute. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to post here from the party.

On the whole theme of still searching, I am still searching for peace with the decision not to use our frozen embryos. In my heart of hearts, I would love to have another baby. It scares me to think about going through the newborn stuff again, the sleepless nights, the anxiety of not knowing if I'm doing things right. Just being even older than I was the first time. It's pretty clear with H out of work that we are not financially stable enough to try again even if we wanted to.

G remains the light of my life. She is talking more and more each day and is so much fun. I love picking her up from daycare each day and singing songs in the car on the way home. It's pretty cute how much she wants to be able to sing along and really belts out the words she knows for sure. And, at night when I put her to bed, she now requests the songs she wants to hear.

Overall, despite H not having a job, life is good.

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  1. Sweetie, I am sending lots of positive thoughts for your husband to find a good job soon. I can only imagine the worry and I'm hoping you won't have to worry much longer. Little G will be the cutest baby at the party, can't wait to see the pics! And for what concerns another FET, just know the embryos are still there, when the economic situation changes, you can change your mind too if you feel differently about it. Much love, Fran