Monday, September 28, 2015

Looking Forward

I am really trying to look forward and to make steps to changing myself. It's tough. I feel like I have split personalities. Half of me is eager to live a healthier life, be active and feel strong; the other half of me lacks motivation and sits on the couch watching tv. Guess which side is winning?

I am making steps to move forward; I have joined a group that focuses on 6 small habits that contribute to creating consistency and a non-judgmental relationship with food. The first habit is to commit to tracking what I eat for two weeks - it's not about whether I'm eating too many/not enough calories; it will make me aware of what I'm eating and when.

I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Speaking of looking forward, I have a girls weekend on the 24th of October. That is the weekend that the baby would have been due. I am glad that I will be surrounded by friends (likely full of alcohol) to pass that awful weekend.


  1. Ugh, it's *so* hard to get motivated to be healthier! I struggle with this constantly myself.

    Good for you for joining that group. I will interested to hear how it goes.

    Girls' weekend sounds fun! Great plan.

  2. How did the girl weekend go? And how is the weekend after? Are you feeling empty and lonely? Or has that feeling passed a bit?

    I've just started the new job, and had forgotten how awful it can be to know nothing, to have to start all over. Also the group dynamics are quite complicated, many people leaving who confide in me. Have to watch out to not compensate with candy and cookies for satisfaction...

    Thinking of you.