Friday, January 20, 2017

Decision Made

We are not adopting; it is just not the right thing for us.  There is so much more I could write about this, but It all ends in the same place.

We have an amazing little family with a lot of blessings.  I am going to embrace it and enjoy it and move forward fulfiilled with this decision.

We were recently considering renovating our whole house and were very far down the road, when we took a weekend away to the Blue Mountains in Ontario.  We loved our time there. So much, in fact, that we made the decision to take the money we had put aside for the reno and buy our own place there.  Within 8 weeks of that decision we had bought and were closing a townhome.  It is beautiful!

We are renting it out and it has been solidly booked over the winter.  It was a great decision!

So there are good things happening. Little G is 6 now...6 - the years are flying by! The other day she walked past me in such a way that I could see her as a teenager.  I have to stop wishing for something that has been lost and savour what we have. You know I was going to say savour what we have been given,  ut we weren't "given" anything. We fought our way to the little family that we have.

I have been doing us a disservice by focussing on what is missing instead of all of the great things we have.

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  1. I hope you find peace with your decision. It can be hard not to dwell on the way you thought your family would be. You are smart to enjoy what you have.