Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feeling Better

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I am feeling a lot better. After I last posted, I had another major GERD/panic attack and went to see my Dr. She fit me in at the last minute. We talked, ran some blood tests and she prescribed me an anti-anxiety drug that is to be used when I can't break the cycle of panic attacks. She only prescribed 10 pills. It's funny, just knowing I have them has helped me; I haven't taken any yet.

I have also been back to see her to get my blood work results. My heart is basically fine. Cholesterol could be better, need to lose weight, but I'm in the average risk for heart disease.

I am back on weight.watchers and am just taking things a day at a time.

Things have been busy around our household. Little G is a going concern. She is so curious and adventurous we have to make sure we have our eyes on her at all times. We had a wedding Saturday night (third one this summer) and then brunch with my parents on Sunday. My parents took care of G overnight for the first time. It was nice to sleep in a little on Sunday, but I still missed her.

Monday we brought our car in to get fixed and to make a long story short, we bought a new car which we pick up tonight.

Oh, and I am moving offices on Thursday. We just moved to this location in May, but our project got put on hold so we are off to our old location. I like that location better anyway so I'm happy to move back.

And, on top of everything, our chocolate lab was really sick. They thought he had a slipped disc in his neck. I have never seen him in so much pain. On Sunday, he started to get better and now you can't even tell there was anything wrong. Seems like this is just part of him getting old - he's 9 now.

Little G turned 20 months old on August 23rd, a year from now we will be getting her ready for junior kindergarten. This seems so crazy that things are going so fast. We are investigating our options now - private school vs public, French only school vs French immersion. H is French Canadian so he would like her to be bilingual. It's a lot to think about for a little person who is not yet two.

Overall though, life is good.

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  1. I'm so happy you feel better, anxiety is the worst enemy. I'm glad you have a good doctor that is willing to help you. I'm always amazed when I look back at the two of us, blog-friends since I can remember, and the long way we have come. There is a week between our children, both bilingual (though they share only English!) and both filling our lives with love. Much love to you, Fran