Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Little G turns 2 in December and I am starting to think about her birthday party. You know, getting a theme, figuring out decorations and guest lists etc. We don't have a lot of friends with kids her age. One has a son that is a year older and one has a daughter a year younger, and another that is a year and a half younger. So, I'm trying to figure out what kind of party to have. Then I started thinking about friends for her. Does she have any friends? Is this something I'm supposed to be asking at daycare? She's not even 2. Am I supposed to be setting up playdates for her on the weekend? Argh! I am stressing about this. I want her to be happy and fulfilled. And, I really don't want her to be a loner. How do I go about this? Do I make inquiries at the daycare? And, back to the party... do I need a big theme or do I wait until she's older? This really doesn't seem to be that big of a decision all things considered... so why is it stressing me out?


  1. Our nanny put together a party for K's second bday. All her little nanny-charge friends and their nannies were there (they all hang out together all the time). The one that we were able to attend involved me baking a cake and having my parents over for dinner with us. Opened presents over a few days.
    I think I'm probably atypical as I didn't think I needed to make a big deal about this one. I figure at 3 I might start doing more. I wonder if the daycare would let you bring in cupcakes for all the kids in her room that she's friends with? I'm sure they could tell you who her friends are. Or send in invites for the kids in her room?
    I'm going to start trying to set up more playdates on weekends. We have a neighbour we're friendly with with a daughter 3 months older than K. A couple others are on the street. We're pretty bad at making friends though. Next year I'll be inviting all her little friends on a weekend so we can meet them and their parents. But I'll be asking our nanny for the list!

    1. I am torn about making it a big deal or not. I will ask at daycare. I know other parents have sent in cupcakes before, so maybe I'll do that too.

  2. I would be with Kate on this one, in my opinion 2 is still a bit too small to really appreciate a party! We won't be doing much I think. As for friends yes of course, ask how she relates to others in day care, it will put your mind at ease. Love, Fran