Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I do think of you.

I saw this article posted on the PVED facebook page: http://chelseykimmel.wix.com/chelseykimmel#!To-The-Families-I-Helped-Create/c23rm/550ae5f90cf292acc4b8695a

It is an interesting article from the viewpoint of an egg donor wondering about the families she may have helped create. She asked if we ever think about her and her role in helping to create our families; so here is my response.

Yes, I think of you often. Well not you precisely, but the woman who was our egg donor. I wonder what led to her decision to donate, she was 29 at the time she donated for us and was already a proven donor. We got so little information about her, that I truly wonder what she was like. Does she have a sense of humour, does she like to dance, is she kind, does she think about the families she has assisted? So many questions. I wonder if my daughter will want to meet her or know more information about her and how I will explain the anonymous nature of the donation. I wonder if my daughter looks like her.

Mostly when I think of her I am thankful, because without her I would not have my family.


  1. Does she provide any info like sperm donors sometimes provide?

  2. Our donor was completely anonymous so we only got age, height, weight, eye colour, hair colour and blood type.