Saturday, April 18, 2015

Follow Up

I had my follow up ultrasound this week- there is a small piece of retained tissue but my dr is not worried about it.  She thinks that it will be cleared out with my next cycle.

I am disappointed that it is not over. Emotionally I am doing ok and physically I am good. I still get hit with the occasional crying jag, but for the most part I am good. I was just really hoong to be able to close this chapter and move forward with our lives. Just par for the course that my body doesn't do what it is supposed to do.

It is so frustrating.


  1. Big big hugs from across the pond, there are no words.

  2. Oh Sweet G,
    frustrating and disappointing indeed.
    Last week as I entered the playground there was this big stroller blocking the way, and when I looked closer it was a tripple stroller no less. My first s thought was No Way. but then i discovered the even bigger wagons and realised a daycare group was visiting the playground.
    I do keep you in my thoughts.