Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Scare, but She's OK.

It felt like my heart stopped for a moment yesterday as I yelled/screamed "oh, My God, H!!!" and watched my daughter tumble down the stairs head over heels. I had just brought a load of laundry upstairs to drop off so I could put it away later and told Little G, to stay downstairs as I would be right back. She yelled "I come too." and I said No. But, by the time I had dropped the laundry off and turned around to head back to the steps, I saw her through the railing almost to the top carrying her favourite blanket. Then her foot got caught in the blanket and down she went.

I was so scared.

H heard me and ran to the bottom of the stairs where he caught her before she could land on the hardwood floor below. Thank gawd the stairs are carpeted. She was shaken up and crying and had a bit of a runny nose, but other than that she was fine. We didn't take her to the hospital as it didn't seem warranted, but I watched her through the night just to be sure. Those kids are resilient.

Today she is fine. Not a mark on her from her fall. She was a little gunshy to go back up the stairs today, but I promised I'd be right behind her and up she went. I am glad she's recovered; not sure when I will. I can still see her tumbling down the stairs when I close my eyes.

In other news, AF is missing. I think I had it last sometime in mid/early December. I am a little worried that menopause is finally starting to set in (remember I'm in my early 40s but have the ovaries of an older woman). It worries me that this could interfere with the FET we have planned for later in the year. Will I have to take Lupron? I know I will have to take BCP to regulate things at least for a month or two. We haven't really done anything yet and already I'm worrying.

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