Monday, January 13, 2014

Decisions Decisions

Right now H and I have a lot of decisions to make. Little G just turned 3 years old in December, which means she starts Junior Kindergarten this September. We have to decide which school we will be putting her in. I found out that one of the schools we are looking at has registration in February. I can't believe I'm registering her for school already!!! Where has the time flown?

We are also in the midst of deciding what work to have done on our home. It looks like we will be remodeling the laundry room and bathroom, as well as putting in a full pantry in our kitchen. While they're at it, I would also like all of the floors refinished and the entire house painted. Not sure I'll be getting everything that's on my wishlist. H and I have some plans that we have to review and decisions to make about how we move forward from here.

Of course, the really big decision that we have to make is about going to Brno for a FET. I am pretty sure we are going to do it. We have had a look at our finances; the year mat leave will be no problem - it's the childcare costs after that that I am worried about. In doing some research I have reached out to the clinic (Reprofit) to find out what protocol I will follow. I emailed them Friday night and had an answer earlier today. It seems very straightforward. I am going to my Dr next week to see if she will help me with some tests that I need to have done here. She wasn't very helpful last time, so I am not overly optimistic about it.

This is all very exciting and a little scary, but here's the thing I need to keep front of mind. The clinic only has 32% success rate with FETs so there's no guarantee that after we go through all of this that we will end up with a baby.

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