Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things are Moving Quickly

I can't believe how fast this has come together. I am planning on flying to Brno on May 22nd with the intention of having the transfer on Saturday May 24th. H and I have even started picking out names should we be lucky enough to be successful.

I have heard back from the clinic and have the protocol. I just have to go to my Dr next week to see if she will assist from this end.

I am scared that it won't work and scared that it will. If it doesn't work my heart will be broken and if it does work, life as we know it will be forever changed. My biggest fear is getting back on the emotional rollercoaster that goes along with fertility treatments. It took a really big toll on me when we went through it before.

In other news, I just found out that we have to register Little G for Junior Kindergarten next month! The time is truly flying. Only problem is every time we talk to G about jk she gets upset and says she doesn't want to leave her friends. I am not sure how we are going to deal with this. I tend to just let it drop, but eventually we are going to have to face it. We live close to her daycare, but all of her friends live in a different school area.  I know she will be fine, but it would be nice if there was at least one familiar face.


  1. Whoa! and welcome back and wait what i can't believe what I see here!
    thanks for your comments recently, and now I know how you came up with the idea of a FET ;-)
    O dear, wishing you best of luck with this most magnificent of new year's resolutions. And renovations.

  2. So so exciting!!! And I know, time is just flying by!