Monday, January 20, 2014

Health Check

In anticipation of my Dr appointment next week, I had some blood work done. I am so glad that I did. My Dr. called me today with some results. It turns out that my blood sugar was on the high end of normal... Not quite pre-diabetic, but creeping up. If we want to try to get pregnant, I need to get this under control quickly. I must have had a premonition, because I recently started researching a Low GI diet. I also have been using my Nike+Fuel band every day and it really is a window into your activity.

I go to see my Dr next Wednesday and I want to go in with a plan in place and some momentum behind it.

The other result that was slightly off was my iron levels. It was on the low end of normal. My doctor said I don't necessarily need an iron supplement, but that I need to eat more iron-rich foods. Prior to pregnancy my iron levels have always been really good. When I got pregnant with the triplets and subsequently lost the twins, my placenta kept growing as if all 3 babies were still alive. When I had my c-section, they were surprised by the size of the placenta and I lost a lot of blood. I started to go into shock on the table. I did not need a transfusion, but they kept a close eye on me while I recovered.

Ever since then I have had slightly low iron. Recently, I have been feeling more run-down than usual and found it really difficult to fight off a cold (it seemed to last for 6 to 8 weeks). I think I'm finally over it. Maybe my low iron has been hampering things.

So, I know what I have to do... now I have to execute.

On a different note, I feel like I am nesting already even though we don't know if we'll actually be successful. We have a very small house and it's been a huge mess for a long time. Clutter is the bane of my existence. Since we started talking about going back to Brno and the possibility of bringing another baby into this house exists, I have started cleaning and organizing. On Saturday, I went through all of the baby clothes that G has outgrown  - 4 bins and 5 garbage bags of stuff. I have also gone through 5 boxes of papers and cleared a bunch of stuff out. In addition, I called and got our hot water heater replaced and we are working on re-modeling our main floor.

There is a lot on my plate, but I am feeling good about it.


  1. Ah, I envy you your decluttering! Wish I had the time to get some cleaning and organizing done.

    Good for you for getting a handle on some of this health stuff now, before it becomes a real issue.

  2. Good on you!
    no expert on bloodsugar, but did you get your Thyroid hormones checked as well? I didn't think I was low on energy, but now that I'm on thyroid medication again (I was from before DEIVF to birth) I find I can do much more. Like actually go out in the evening!