Friday, January 16, 2015

A Call for Prayers or Good Thoughts For a Friend

A very good friend of mine is going through a crisis right now.  We met online 8 years ago, when we were both at the beginning of our fertility journeys. You know my outcome, but her's is still ongoing. She got pregnant 3ish years ago and had a late term loss (around 21 weeks or so) and recently she became pregnant with boy/girl twins. Almost 3 years to the date of her miscarriage this pregnancy entered the same type of situation.  Her cervix opened fully - nothing to stitch closed. She is in the process of hoping to save the pregnancy and losing it.

Today she is exactly 23 weeks, she has been in the hospital for a little over a week and today she lost her baby boy. He fought galliantly once born, but ultimately lost his life.  7 short days before the medical staff could do anything for him.

Baby girl is holding on, but things do not look good. She needs to stay put for 7 more days.

My heart is breaking for my friend and her husband. Can you hold them in your thoughts, or pray for them if that's your thing?


  1. oh no oh no oh no..... I know what you went through, for you this must hit so much closer to home. Shivers running down the skin of my back. Sending many good thoughts to this tiny baby girl and your friend and husband. Please universe, give this girl a better chance than her brother.

  2. Good thoughts to your friend. I hope so badly that baby girl can stay put until viability and beyond. So heartbreaking.