Monday, January 19, 2015

#microblog mondays

I feel crappy this morning; wondering if it’s because I started progesterone last night or due to my lack of sleep. Maybe it’s a bit of column ‘a’ and column ‘b’.

Does progesterone make you nauseous and give you a headache?

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  1. No idea, sorry...
    I googled it for you, and of course, in a list of 50 or so possible side effects both nausea and headache are there. I would advise not to google it yourself as the list isn't pretty or helpful. I mean "cold or flu-like symptoms"? more likely the time of year....
    Why are there never things in the list like 'optimism', or 'irresistible urge to dance'?
    May this be the festive beginning of a month of symptom spotting ;-)