Wednesday, March 4, 2015

All pee'd Out

Today I am 11DP6DT or 4 weeks 3 days and I have pee'd on yet another pee stick. The total is 5. All say the same thing and the line gets slightly darker every day. I went to see my Dr yesterday for betas, but we decided that we wouldn't do any blood work. I have all of these positive pee sticks and that's good enough for me. I think I have to stop peeing on things now though.

My Dr. gave me a new prescription for my GERD meds because what I was on is contraindicated for pregnancy. Although I did some research about it and found that while it is contraindicated some research has been done and it may actually be okay. If these meds don't do it for me, I will talk to my Dr about going back on my old stuff. She also gave me a requisition for a dating u/s - likely to be done after March 21st and finally she referred me to the OBGYN that delivered Little G. So things are good.

As far as symptoms go, I think the weirdest one is irritability. I am flying off the handle like you wouldn't believe. It's like an extreme case of PMS and I am powerless to stop it in the moment. I am really tired at night, have some bloating but very little nausea to date. As for cravings/food aversions, I am craving salty foods, I want protein; sweets don't really appeal to me.

I hope you like the ticker I added. I think it's pretty cool to know what's happening to the embryo on a daily basis.

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  1. After March 21 should be late enough to see a heartbeat on u/s, right? Sorry to hear about irritability, you're dealing with a lot of hormonal changes right now, but I have no idea if or what you can do about it. Hoping it will pass!