Monday, March 9, 2015


I feel like I'm doing everything that a seasoned IFer would not do when getting a BFP. I have already told my group of friends (I was at an outing, not drinking and just blurted it out).  It was fun telling them, but I feel like I'm tempting fate a little bit considering I just hit 5 weeks over the weekend.

I have not told my parents as of yet. We will be visiting them on Friday and we will tell them at that time. I'm kind of dreading it. My Mom wasn't very supportive when this topic came up the last year. She's scared for me. Thinks that I do too much, get too stressed out and that physically it would be too hard on me. I know that her concern came from a place of love, but I'm 43 years old and she still treats me like a dumb, teenager. Sigh. I can hear the disappointment in her voice already just thinking about how she'll respond. I hope it's not too contentious for us. We're supposed to be staying with them and if it gets too heated I feel like we'll want to just ditch them.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. She could actually surprise me.

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  1. I've been pondering this.... I'm so hoping she understands the wish for a sibling. I can't remember if you shared on your blog if you had siblings yourself, maybe your mother found it harder than she expected, or uhm, some other unspoken issue from her past? (if she had only you, maybe she doesn't understand you want it differently?)
    I don't know, I shouldn't be guessing.
    Maybe it helps if you tell her you hope she can be happy for you? Even while you understand her worries?
    Much harder to validate each other's feelings when you're mother and daughter though...
    Best of luck!