Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Tested Again

Yesterday I was positive I wasn't pregnant any longer, so I POAS - still glaringly positive. The hcg line coming up before the control line. So I had a bit of a sigh of relief.

Fran, you asked me when my u/s is. It is scheduled for Monday March 25th. I am counting down the days.

Valery, you were wondering if I have any siblings. I have one brother who is almost a decade younger than me. Both of us were "surprises" that my Mom was not particularly happy about at first. For reasons that I won't go into, she didn't really want any kids, so she doesn't get the ache that I had/have for children. I mean, philosophically she gets it, but not on a level that she can empathize with.

She is a great Mom and has told me that although she was shocked, scared etc that once she got used to the idea she definitely was happy about it. And, once I was in her arms, she was in love.

I think she'll just need to get used to the idea and then everything will be fine.


  1. congratulations on a super BFP! remember that symptoms come and go. (and scare you).
    Hope that your Mom will get used to the idea very soon this time around!
    (and if you give her some space and time you might not be as disappointed. So maybe it is good you're staying a bit longer, then she has a chance to sleep on it. And who knows, maybe Little G's enthousiasm works contagiously.

  2. Ahh so so good you tested again, just for reassurance even! I will keep everything crossed for your scan in 2 weeks time, big hugs!!